With So many different tuning Parameters Duals will allow more versatile options, that may be (beyond) singles. When Modding for PEAK HP go Duals and be done with it.

Duramax Kits Please contact Us

All 2003-07 W/O Pump $1,250.00 - W TC Stg1 Pump $2.050.00 Call for Pricing

Duramax Pumps Available

We have all your Cp3 needs (factory or Upgrades)LBZ/LLY/ (FCA) $235.00 ModdedDodge Cummins FCA $135.00

Cummins Modded FCA $175.00

5.9 ,6.7 Comp FCA $205.00

LBZ/LLY Factory $205.00 / Comp FCA $255.00

Duramax Pumps Available LLY / LB7 / LBZ / LMM / LML

Duramax Mega / Wild / Mild / STD W/Modded FCA

Contact us on all pumps over Stock Volume

Double & Triple Line Kits Available

LLY / LB7 T&C Reman Call For pricing

T&C Reman Mild $900.00 W/ Modded FCA

T&C Reman STG-1 $700

(New) Bosch $1000.00

Call for Pricing on ALL competition Pumps. The only question you need to ask is How early do I want to go Home!!! 1ST or ? Friday Night or Sunday.

Refundable Core charge on all Reman Pumps

Core(s) that are missing body Plugs, Broken Shaft or Rusted internals DO NOT QUALIFY FOR RETURN CORE(s)

T&C Diesel Complete Reman mild Pump Supports Up to 120HP+ Injectors

$900.00 W / Modded FCA - NEW Bosch $1400.00

Contact us on all XX% pumps over Stock Volume

All Mega/Wild Pumps Require Two FCAs - 1Race Competition -1 Everyday Use

Double & Triple Line Kits Available

All T&C pumps have 1 Year Warranty Use link for further details on Warranty Except Competition Pumps.

All T&C Pumps are shipped W/O FCA attach, to prevent the FCA form getting broken when shipped

T&C will services ALL Commercial ,Industrial HPCR Pumps, This Includes Farm and Off Road.

10MM to 11.2MM Shafts available, Unlike most other builders, T&C mods the Pump to support the New Shaft, I just do NOT drop in new Shaft and call it good and charge buyers high $$$$ for in & out of a eccentric shaft.

Contact us on Modding your pumps..Price will be Contingent on the depth of the ...repairs, parts, and Modding. All Pricing is subject to change..the Correct price will be on all invoices.. Please call for All Pricing.

ALL T&C PUMPS REQUIRE only 12PSI FEED PRESSURE,do not run feed pressure above 12psi UNLESS instructed By us, Or Competition Use.

T&C has all your Competition Pump needs upon Request T&C will custom build your entire HP system, Form Tweak Shaft Singles to Triple Pump setups.

Note: Bosch pricing will be increasing by 3-10% starting Feb. 5, 2018