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                                                                                   Price Increase 5-30-2016









 Site Under construction  
                                         T&C Diesel Located In Minnesota  763-228-7121
T&C Diesel                                     
1060 118th Lane
Blaine, MN 55434 
 With So many different tuning Parameters Duals will allow More

Versatile options, that may be (beyond) singles. When Modding for PEAK HP go Duals and be done with it.

                                                  Duramax  Kits Please contact Us 
                              All  2003-07  W/O Pump $1,250.00 - W TC Stg1 Pump $2.050.00 Call for Pricing
New 6.7 Pressure Relief Valve with factory Block Bypass with Dual line.







Cummins 03/08 Duramax 01/07 Now Available

Upgrades or Factory New

We do offer remans, T&C will uprgrade your injectors if they meet the factory Specs. BY Request Only 




                          Cummins CR Injector                                       Duramax CR Injector  








Duramax Pumps Available LLY / LB7 / LBZ / LMM / LML


Duramax Mega / Wild / Mild / STD  W/Modded FCA

Contact us on all  pumps over Stock Volume

Double & Triple Line Kits Available



LLY / LB7 T&C Reman  Call For pricing



Dodge Cummins 03/07   5.9                                         2007.5 -2012 6.7  



T&C Reman Mild  $900.00 W/ Modded FCA

T&C Reman STG-1 $700

(New) Bosch $1000.00

 Call for Pricing on ALL competition Pumps.  The only question you need to ask is How

early do I want to go Home!!!  1ST or ? Friday Night or Sunday.


Refundable Core charge on all Reman Pumps

Core(s) that are missing body Plugs, Broken Shaft  or Rusted internals DO NOT QUALIFY FOR RETURN CORE(s)




T&C Diesel Complete Reman mild Pump  Supports Up to 120HP+ Injectors

$900.00 W / Modded FCA   -    NEW Bosch  $1400.00

Contact us on all XX% pumps over Stock Volume

All Mega/Wild Pumps Require Two FCAs - 1Race Competition -1 Everyday Use

Double & Triple Line Kits Available

All T&C pumps have 1 Year Warranty Use link for further details on Warranty  Except Competition Pumps.

All T&C Pumps are shipped W/O FCA attach, to prevent the FCA form getting broken when shipped




  10MM to 11.2MM Shafts available, Unlike most other builders, T&C mods the Pump to support the New Shaft, I just do NOT drop in new Shaft and call it good and charge buyers high $$$$ for in & out of a eccentric shaft.



Contact us on Modding your pumps..Price will be Contingent on the depth of the ...repairs, parts, and Modding.

All Pricing is subject to change..the Correct price will be on all invoices.. Please call for All Pricing.


ALL T&C PUMPS REQUIRE only 12PSI FEED PRESSURE,do not run feed pressure above 12psi UNLESS instructed By us, Or Competition Use.


 T&C has all your Competition Pump needs upon Request T&C  will custom Build   Your entire HP system, Form Tweak Shaft Singles to Triple Pump setups.


 Please call for Product info.



                                                      New  No limit Duramax heads


Contact us on Pricing.

Pricing varies according to setup use, type, Race, Street, Pulling.  



Rail Pictured (Not Actual) Sample Only.

T&C modified Rails For Dodge Cummins 03/07 ( Wild). The factory rail limits the fuel distribution under extreme demand. T&C rails will support 1000 plus HP. Gains are supported By owners Setup, Generally 30hp gain for stock Cp3 and additional Pressure and Volume. For those with Modified Pumps and Injectors 30/60 hp gains. Never Drain your rail again.(Dual feed lines are NOT necessary, depending on application and setup).If you want to add to the HP bar add Our Wild Rail, It will take you to next level of performance,
Not only will it add some Hp, off the line Performance is greatly enhance, There is no down side to modded rails, the Price is Right ,the power is nice, it will support all types of Pumps and injection systems.

Rail is re-machined completely (all Passages) Wild. Mild is center bore Only.

Wild (Y) Version $260.00 / Mild $200.00 Cummins (Patent Pending)

Wild Duramax (Pair) Contact Us.

New 6.7 Modified Rails: $500.00 W/ Modded LV/PRV 31K

New CP3 (CR) Pumps OEM rebuilds or Stages/Duals, Cost Varies on setup and applications.


 6.7 Modified Rails: $100.00 Plus $90.00 Modded LV/PRV

New CP3 (CR) Pumps OEM rebuilds or Stages/Duals, Cost Varies on setup and applications.


(Core Charge Rails $100.00 Pumps $400.00) Applies if not returned in 14 Days after recieving Rail/Pump.Cores cannot have rust or internally contaminated / Corrosion ,they must be clean internally.
T&C Diesel Perfomance
Product Technical Info
763-228-7121 / 763-482-2638
Customer 911 24/7 Support T&C Products (ONLY)
Fax 763-783-1385
Duramax 2001-10 LB7 / LLY / LBZ / LMM Modded Rails Available. (Race/Street)
We Now Have Modded LV/PRV for all LLY/LBZ/LMM $95.00
                                            NEW  LLY/LBZLMM 2-Way Adpater   (Call for Price)
Cores Required(LLY Pictured )

New LBZ-LMM-LLY and 6.7 Cummins Pressure relief valves available  $95.00 (31K)


30K & 32K ,34K   Pressure relief Valve (LV) 03/07 Dodge Cummins 5.9

6.6 liter Duramax LB7  30K & 32K /34 

These valves are designed to Pop off @ 30/32K/34K Pressure, This will allow continue use without the worry of injector failure.

No need to cap that rail and the risk that comes along with it .


Extreme Race & Pull valve(s) Available Upon REQUEST ONLY

Durability of the system is unknown even with the upgraded seals in the injectors Extreme Race & Pull Valve(s) Install at Owners risk

                                                           Available Settings: 30K Dump / 32K Dump
                                                       They may be R/R ,they are built to last for years

Warranty is 1 Year.Factory to 30k 95.00(Race valve 32K Dump $100.00 , 34K Dump $100.00)

Core is required. ALL Broken needle or Rusted shut Valves will Be rejected and Core charge Applied

You Must contact Us on Your Injection setup, Each Valve is assembled for Your injection Needs.

6.7 Adapter With 5.9 CPRV available

Duramax Adapter with CPRV LBZ/LLY Available

Both Adapters will allow Multi Feed lines




This UNIQUE piece will eliminate the hassle involved in relocating the Pressure sensor and LV valve, it will allow multi positions for Sensors & valves and additional feeds lines as well. It comes with Plugs and sealing copper Washers.

Cost $280.00 W/O Purchase / $205.00 W/Additional Purchase.____________________________________________________________________________

 Duramax pumps Available



We have all your Cp3 needs  (factory or Upgrades)LBZ/LLY/ (FCA) $235.00 ModdedDodge Cummins FCA $135.00

 Cummins  Modded FCA $175.00
5.9 ,6.7 Comp FCA $205.00
LBZ/LLY Factory $205.00 / Comp FCA $255.00

 T&C will services ALL Commercial ,Industrial HPCR Pumps, This Includes Farm and Off Road.


                                                                                                                                           Contact us on Product Info

                                                                                                                             Todd 763-228-7121 / Chris 763-482-2638