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The big washer will need to be installed ONLY for adjustment or leak purposes.It will give you 1/2 to 3/4 additional turning to correct position. The big washer in this position
is good for 3 or 4 times Only, Once it is depelted it will need to be remove, IT IS EXTREMELY HARD TO REMOVE IT WITHOUT DAMAGING THE BOTTOM OF THE RAIL PORT. All CR
fittngs have bottomless threads so becareful. The small washer can be use in any position,But it is 1 time use in most cases. New .10mm depth/ Thickness washer can be used in any position

also,it is 1 time use only ,it is very easy to remove with small screw driver.
TQ Specs: Rail Ports 65fts / Adapter Ports 50fts
Washer Removal

(1) Place (Small) Screw drivers at opposite of each other and Pry (2) Place (Small) Screw drivers opposite of each other and

Up and Down working each Screw driver until the washer is removed. Press Down on 1 and Pry Up on the other until the washer is removed.